Site Links

All Publishers are obliged to provide a link back to our appropriate aggregation website. The link should be from your home page or main news page. It is ok to link from multiple pages if this is easier for you with your CMS.

We will periodically review all publisher sites. Any sites found not in compliance will have their listings suspended immediately and there may be a delay before reinstatement.

Option 1 – Text Link

A simple text link in one of the two following formats:

The relevant code is:

Naturally adapt this to the appropriate aggregation site. Our full list of sites with URLs is here.

Option 2 – Image Link

You can place a button on your site using the code below (most sites have buttons)

Arsenal News
Aston Villa News
Chelsea News
Liverpool News
Manchester United News
Spurs News
Manchester City News
West Ham News
Everton News
Newcastle News
Rangers FC News
Celtic FC News
Swansea City News
Fulham News
Sunderland News
Wigan Athletic News
Blackburn Rovers News
Queens Park Rangers News
Norwich City News
Wolverhampton Wanderers News
Stoke City News
Hearts News

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