– Your website must meet the following terms and conditions and any site that starts to fail to meet the criteria after being admitted will be removed instantly, so please read carefully:

  • Quality, well-written, original stories about the sports team in question (no dupes or thinly disguised re-writes of other people’s content).
  • Each blog should contain at least 200 words of original content not including quotes lifted from source articles.
  • No ridiculous misleading headlines which have virtually no truth to them – known as “click bait” are clearly designed just to mislead readers in clicking on the headline when they are expecting something else – use of this technique will result in immediate removal as it damages ScoopDragon Publishing’s credibility and all the other members of the ScoopDragon Publishing network
  • Your website must abide by all relevant EU directives and international internet policies such as GDPR widget
  • Your website must be migrated from http to an https configuration where all the content is secure
  • Your website must show the relevant “as featured on” buttons for the sites it appears on and the button must be on both the mobile version and desktop version and should appear on every related blog post
  • A dedicated RSS feed for stories about the team in question (no off-topic stories)- e.g. a story which is obviously about Chelsea should not appear on the Man United site or any other site but the Chelsea site – any publisher trying to game the system will be removed
  • All sites must not use pop-up advertising or have an advertising implementation which reflects negatively on the referring site and network sites
  • Sites should not have anymore than 3 advertising units in view at any time
  • No more than 6 stories per day per team on average – no more than 5 stories will ever be displayed on the homepage at any one time and publishers violating the 6 post limit will simply be removed.
  • Use of floating/jumping video units is prohibited
  • If you BUY a site there are NO guarantees that as the NEW owner you will have the site listed on the ScoopDragon Publishing network so make no assumptions in that regard no matter what the potental seller tells you as they may well be misrepresenting their arrangement with ScoopDragon Publishing LTD to secure a sale. Potential new site owners should do all possible due diligence to make sure that they are buying what they think they are buying. We need to see the quality of the new owners material and the way they run the site for at least several months before considering a new subscription deal. N.B. Potential Buyers would be advised to contact ScoopDragon Publishing before buying a site to clarify it is in good standing, if it is important to the publisher and to see just how much of their referral traffic comes from the ScoopDragon Publishing network which of course may be reduced to nothing if the site in question loses its listing with ScoopDragon Publishing as can often happen. Please don’t get burned by unscupulous sellers as there is nothing we can do after the sale. Proceed with caution!!!! We cannot be clearer – don’t get burned as we cannot be accountable for poor decisions made by naive buyers!! Do your homework and if you think that buying a football news site is an easy way to make quick cash with little to no experience think again this is not the case -you need experience, writing talent, business sense and number one – a passion for and a very good knowlege of football.
  • Publishers or Publishing Groups are only permitted to subscribe up to 2 sites to the ScoopDragon network at any one time. Where it becomes apparent that a Publisher or Publishing Group has exceeded this limit they will be given the opportunity to reduce the number of their sites being subscribed down to 3 to each individual ScoopDragon team site. If the appropriate reductions are not made in a timely manner ScoopDragon Publishing makes the necessary reductions on an alphabetical basis.
  • Your site must be optimised for mobile devices, as in this day and age when a visitor clicks on your site and cannot see it in a clear mobile optimised version it tends to be a major cause of traffic bounces- meaning the user leaves the site immediately
  • Your site must not have a new aggregation story where it mentions virtually every team in the league just so it can be tagged for every team feed. This technique will result in instant removal as it is completely against the spirit of the sites
  • Publishers must not be serving offensive or “pushy” pop-up or interstitial ads where as soon as a user clicks on their link from a ScoopDragon site the user is immediately hit with the following type of misleading advertisement- “Your computer may have a virus – use computerfreeze anti-virus immediately to fix it” – this is a major no-no as it causes a huge number of bounces not only from the publisher’s sites but users also get frustrated with the ScoopDragon site which led to that dodgy advert – instances of these practices will cause immediate site removal from the ScoopDragon network
  • Stories must be in English
  • Stories can only be published once
  • Article link titles appearing on the ScoopDragon mobile sites should be limited to never more than 18 words and should never be more than 4 lines high. Article link titles appearing on the ScoopDragon desktop sites should be limited to never more than 18 words and should never be more than 3 lines high.
  • If your site goes inactive for 12 months or more your subscription will automatically be cancelled and will not be re-activated
  • The use of ALL CAPITAL letters in post titles is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  • No news aggregation articles, where websites summarize other people’s content and provide numerous links to other stories, are permitted
  • You must add a text or button link back to our aggregation site from your main news, team pages and home page or you may have your subscriptions cancelled.
  • Swearing and/or foul language is not permitted and any posts containing such language will be deleted from the feed of the aggregation site(s) subscribed to

We welcome publishers from single person bloggers up to international news organisations. Sites that cover more than one team are allowed providing you can provide individual RSS feeds dedicated to each team you wish to be listed for.

You may be listed on more than one of our aggregation sites if you wish. Again, you MUST BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A DEDICATED RSS FEED CONSISTING SOLELY OF NEWS ON A PARTICULAR TEAM FOR EACH LISTING YOU REQUIRE. For example, a story that is obviously about Liverpool should not show up in an Arsenal feed.

Publishers who develop or promote a competing service to ScoopDragon Publishing may be permanently removed from the entire ScoopDragon Publishing network of sites at the sole discretion of ScoopDragon Publishing with immediate effect and without notice or chance of reinstatement.

The requirements will be enforced vigorously as this only hurts other legitmate law-abiding publishers and offenders or those violating the spirit of our agreement will be removed from the network and their subscription cancelled. If your site does not meet our criteria we will let you know.

We reserve the right to modify these requirements at any time in the future and to remove offending sites with immediate effect.